Customer relationship management




strong>A real estate CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) is a software application that helps you manage your clients, properties, team and where you should spend time marketing. Real estate CRMs help you analyze what is happening in your business and how you can improve your sales process.

Take a simple phone call from a new lead. For each call, you should create a new lead in your CRM and specify what the person is looking for and how they found out about your business. If they are calling about a specific property, you should note which one they are interested in and what they are looking for in case you find another property listing that matches their requirements. You should also create a task to follow up with the person or arrange a meeting.

If you use a CRM to track every call, which properties leads are interested in and how they found your business, you can later use the information to analyze how your team is performing or why certain properties are more popular. You can also determine what marketing efforts are resulting in more qualified leads so you can decide where you should focus your marketing budget.

Of course you should also use your CRM to track any leads generated via other means such as walk-ins, cold calling, or through your website. If you store all conversations and activities, you will be able to more accurately measure how you can improve your sales process and help your team provide better customer service since they should always know the full history of a client or lead


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